Ride to tours in our comfortable Mini Vans, busses available for large groups

Catamaran cruises

Cool, vibrant, lively—the Caribbean is a dynamic world meant to be explored and award-winning Island Routes is your personal guide. We don't want you to just admire the beautiful scenery during your Caribbean Holiday, we want you to experience it. Set sail on an open-air Catamaran complete with a snorkeling adventure, soothing Reggae rhythms, refreshing cocktails and spectacular panoramas. This is the vacation of a lifetime, so make it extraordinary.


yacht sailing expeditions

        Plan your custom experience by booking with Jamaica Sailing Adventures. Create lifetime

     memories, hoist the sails, command the helm, dive, spearfish, snorkel, beachcomber, get secluded or just relax. Whether high adventure or a laid back experience, it is all at your command.


    Family vacation or with friends, it will be a Jamaica you will never forget. Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, sunshine and wonderful underwater vistas. Enjoy full or half day, three, five or seven day live- aboard sailing vacations with meals.


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We're much more than tours and excursions - we take you beyond the resort and into the heart of the islands where setting sail, grabbing the reins, exploring lush peaks and tasting rich flavors are the experiences

                                    that become lasting memories